Seminar 3 – Access: Political Recruitment, Jan 2016

Wednesday January 13th, open seminar




Keynes Library
Birkbeck University of London


  • Sarah Childs
  • Meryl Kenny
  • Laura McAllister
  • Yvonne Galligan
Time Session
11:00-12:30 Overview roundtable, women’s presence across the UK 2015:

  • UK Parliament – Rosie Campbell
  • Scotland – Meryl Kenny
  • Wales – Laura McAllister
  • N. Ireland – Yvonne Galligan
  • Ireland – Fiona Buckley
13:30-15.30 Candidate selection in the UK: questions of equality, diversity and inclusion:

  • Rainbow Murray ‘The Myth of Meritocracy’
  • Cera Murtagh, Fiona Mackay and Meryl Kenny, ‘Catching on? Women’s Representation in the 2016 Scottish Parliament Election’
  • Kirstein Rummery, Juliet Swann and Craig McAngus ‘Women for independence, independence for women: was the independence referendum a critical juncture for women’s political participation in Scotland?’
10:45-12:15 Women’s Attitudes – academic evidence. Chair – Peter Allen (QMUL):

  • Prof. Philip Cowley (Nottingham) – Why not ask the audience? Women’s attitudes to descriptive representation
  • Dr Oliver Heath (Royal Holloway) – Do women vote for women?
  • Dr Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck) – Women voters and the 2015 General Election
  • Prof. Sarah Childs (Bristol) – Women in the Conservative Party – what do women members think?
16:00-17:15 Roundtable, women’s civil society groups and political representation:

  • Centre for Women and Democracy
  • 50:50
  • Fawcett Society
  • Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform

Thursday January 14th, closed seminar (3b)


Palace of Westminster, Committee room 13


CI’s and Party Representatives


‘Chatham House plus Rules’ Roundtable: Parties’ efforts to enhance the Selection of Women