Seminar series objectives

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  1. To document and explain women’s descriptive representation in the UK’s elected institutions: Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay, and Stormont, at the 2015 and 2016 elections


  1. To document women’s political attitudes at the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum, and 2015 and 2016 parliamentary elections
  2. To capture the content, direction and extent of representational claims made for women by elected and non-elected representatives across the UK with particular attention to the concerns of contemporary feminism in the UK and internationally


  1. To identify the nature of women’s issues that elected representatives across the UK have prioritized
  2. To establish how particular policies have impacted upon gender equality and gender relations
  3. To explore how government and other actors have evaluated policy effectiveness
  4. To explore congruency between the issues prioritized by elected and non-elected representatives who also claim to act for women
  5. To identify ‘on the ground’ relationships between elected and non-elected representatives